Wells Technical & Economic Input into Project Feasibility Studies


Well construction usually makes up the largest cost of projects: therefore, during asset evaluation and acquisiton, companies  need to define how the reservoir can be reached, with how many wells, and the high-level overall cost and risks of the well construction phase. 

The project may be envisioned as a sequential well drilling effort, or with multiple rigs, or spread-out over time based on reservoir evaluation and production purposes.  Most nof the time, there are several scenarios to consider, all interlinked with one another, with different costs and risks implications.


The well engineer is therefore needed to make sure that the high level reservoir plan is founded on a feasible well construction program, and to obtain a reliable estimate of costs which should include the cost of non-standard technology needed for the project. 


Welltodrill, with its time and cost engine, has worked on feasibility studies in the North Sea, Italy, Kazachstan, West Africa and Madagascar, for land, jack-up and drillship projects.


In this phase, close collaboration with the asset team (geologists, reservoir engineers, production engineers) is paramount to obtain a sound feasibility and time & cost estimate.