Well Examinations, Well Integrity Checks and Well Barrier Diagrams and Reviews


Well Integrity Checks are automatically done in the design projects assigned to Welltodrill di Valentina Gagliardi.  However, in the past there have been projects where the client asked Welltodrill to analyze the planned well integrity approach to designs made by partners and to check that sufficient well barriers were in place with an adequate testing programme.


During a Well Integrity Check:

  • Each operational step in well construction / completion / abandonment is analyzed separately and further sub-steps are added if needed;
  • All possible hydrocarbons’ paths to surface in each step are identified
  • The presence of a sufficient number of well barriers per each path is checked
  • The testing programme for each well barrier is planned/checked

During design projects, the Risk Register is kept up to date with the outcome of the barrier diagrams checks at all steps in the project, with increasing definition of risk causes, safeguards and mitigation measures as the project progresses.


The picture below shows an example of barrier diagram for one of the steps in well abandonment; it is taken from one of the past projects, but depths and details have been modified to ensure confidentiality. 

Barrier Diagrams and Risk Register are prepared according to ISO_DIS_16530-1 Well Integrity Guidelines