After getting her Honors BA and MEng from Cambridge University UK (2002), Valentina Gagliardi gained 10 years experience in Shell (The Netherlands), working as a well engineer on offshore and land facilities for several years and then progressing to the wells design work in the Assen office (onshore and offshore jack-up projects) and then in the Rijswijk office (international Shell projects). 

In 2011, with an IMechE CEng and an MBA, she set up her own consultancy business. 

As a consultant, she has been a Senior Well Engineer for Petroceltic, Shell, NRG, DNV, Zenith Energy and several other companies.  Welltodrill di Valentina Gagliardi has delivered tens of well designs, asset evaluations, cost estimates and plug & abandon designs, as shown in the track record below.

Track Record

Since 2011, Valentina Gagliardi and then Welltodrill di Valentina Gagliardi have been consulting on drilling and abandonment projects for several major and middle-sized oil & gas companies across Europe.  The projects were in land Holland, the North Sea (Dutch and UK sectors), Italy (land and offshore), Africa (West, North and South) and Kazachstan; jack up, land and semisub. 

A complete list of projects is given below.


  • WINTERSHALL (Netherlands) (since 2021)Abandonment Basis of Design for 21 offshore wells (North Sea)
  • SHELL (Netherlands) (since 2020): Abandonment Design and Programs for four batches of land wells (total of ca. 40 wells)
  • SASOL (Mozambique) (2019): Preparation of Abandonment Programs for 6 wells
  • DNV-GL (Romania) (2019): Facilitator in HAZID for two vessels for platform dismantling project 
  • DNV-GL (Italy) (2019): Due diligence on operator's global evaluation of abandoning expenditure
  • NRG (UK) (2019): Research of implementation on latest Well Abandonment Technologies and challenges applied to a client's abandonment requirements
  • DNV-GL (Croatia) (2019): Notification of Well Operations based on EU Directive 2013/30
  • KWANTIS (IT) (2018): Senior Technical Expert for the development of a web application for the pre-feasibility evaluation of Extended Reach Wells. The analytical model is engineered together with the R&D department of an International Oil Company and it is aimed at investigating the impact of critical ERW drilling issues.
  • ZENITH ENERGY (Egypt) (2018): Preparation of Basis for Design, Casing Design and Drilling Program for H2S deviated well in Egypt
  • KWANTIS (IT) (2018): Senior Technical Expert for creation of confidential software for improvement of drilling performance
  • DNV GL (IT) (2018): Evaluation of a company's Wells Management System and Drilling Department structure and networks, with gap analysis to achieve performance improvement
  • Undisclosed company (IT) (2018): Well Design for subsea well in Mediterranean (fractured carbonates, MPD)
  • LRED (UK) (2018): Time & cost for ERD development wells in CNS
  • ZENITH ENERGY (Egypt) (2018): Well Engineering Examination for a horizontal development well
  • KWANTIS (2018): Well Engineering Expert for well engineering software project at ENI
  • DNV GL (2018): Time and Cost review for an operator on their abandonment projects
  • Undisclosed Company (IT) (2017): Drilling programme for 4 CO2 injection wells
  • UPSTREAM ADVISORS (UK) (2017): Feasibility study on ultra deep-water project
  • ZENITH ENERGY (Africa) (2017): Time and Cost Review of a semi-sub drilling project
  • ALEANNA RESOURCES (2017): detailed planning of land well in the Po Valley.  The SIA Drilling Programme can be found on the Italian Ministry of the Environment at from page 39 onwards.
  • SGS HORIZON (NL) (2017): confidential project
  • PO VALLEY ENERGY (IT) (2016/17): detailed planning of two development wells in the Adriatic, SIA Drilling Programme and support to environmental assessment consultants for other operational-related inputs.  The SIA Drilling Programme can be found on the Italian Ministry of the Environment at
  • ROCKHOPPER (UK, IT) (2016): detailed planning (high level to operations) of abandonment of a deviated H2S well offshore Italy (jack-up)
  • SHELL (NL) (2015): detailed planning of 2 development deep deviated wells in the Southern North Sea (jack up; highly reactive clays & Zechstein salt/carbonate); challenging trajectory combined with several anti-targets; need for fraccing and small casing scheme
  • ROCKHOPPER (UK, IT) (2015): detailed planning of land coiled tubing abandonments of two wells in South of Italy: rig-less work in compliance with O&G UK and ISO_DIS_16530-1 regulations for project management, contractors tendering process and management, risk matrices and well barriers.
  • SEQUA (UK) (2015): preparation of times and cost estimates for horizontal development and vertical injector wells in Kazachstan
  • Undisclosed large O&G company (2015): preparation of two non-operated well reviews for deep exploration wells in the Northern North Sea, drilled with semi-sub
  • Undisclosed  medium-size O&G company (2015): preparation of times and cost estimates for multilateral development wells in the North Sea
  • PETROCELTIC (UK, IT) (2011-2014): detailed planning of deep heavy oil appraisal well in the Mediterranean Sea (Jack up), characterized by very weak formations both in the overburden (clays) and in the reservoir (fractured carbonates); planning challenges mostly in the selection of fluids and drilling techniques, and for the well testing program.  Also responsible for the technical preparation of the EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment), contractors management and well engineering spokesperson at meetings with government regarding the well.
  • SHELL (UK) (2014): detailed planning of a long land development well through typical Dutch formations (clays, salts, carbonates, sandstones); difficult trajectory, very small drilling window, potentially very problematic carbonates and small targets; need for fraccing and therefore challenging casing design
  • SEQUA (UK) (2014): preparation of times and cost estimate for several wells as part of a project value / cost assessment in the North Sea, including definition of technical and economic assumptions, technical risk register and NPT estimation
  • SEQUA (UK) (2014): preparation of times and cost estimate for multilateral development wells in the North Sea, as part of an option-definition and selection project which also included risk definition and related NPT assumptions
  • SEQUA (UK) (2014): preparation of times and cost estimate for an exploration well in Kazachstan, including research on services costs and rig availability
  • Undisclosed company (UK) (2014): planning of a land exploration well in Tanzania, with associated times and cost estimate, and study of the logistical challenges associated with the project (rig and services procurement).
  • SHELL (NL) (2013): detailed planning of 14 land development deviated shallow wells in compacting reservoir (North of Europe), with innovative casing design approach not only through standard software, but also through casing compacting calculations and ad-hoc cement formulation; downhole measurement devices on cemented completion
  • PETROCELTIC (UK, IT) (2013): preparation of the time and cost model for appraisal and development wells in the Mediterranean Sea, as part of the development study
  • OMV (UK) (2013): preparation of non-operated well review for a three deep deviated exploration wells in the North Sea, drilled with a jack up
  • SHELL (UK) (2012): detailed planning of highly deviated (ERD) subsea well in the North Sea, through reactive shales, with challenges mostly in the trajectory selection, ERD drilling practices and production casing and liner design.  All timings and costing of the various drilling options also prepared to AFE level.
  • OMV (UK) (2012): preparation of non-operated well review for an HPHT well in North Sea (jack up): S-shaped, long reach well through North Sea formations
  • OMV (UK) 2012): preparation of non-operated well review for a shallow exploration well in the North Sea, drilled with a semi-sub
  • SHELL (UK) (2012): planning of two deviated subsea wells in the North Sea, with challenges mostly in the very narrow drilling window.  All timings and costing of the various drilling options also prepared to AFE level.
  • PETROCELTIC (UK, IT) (2012): preparation of time and cost models for exploration wells in the Po’ Valley (Italy)