Drilling, Completion and Abandonment Programmes


As the engineering phase progresses, the project enters the procurement phase, with definition of technical service and material requirements, contract strategy and HSE requirements.  Towards the end of this phase, the Detailed Drilling / Completion / Abandonment Programme is finalized with a detailed description of each step in the operations, and a direct link to the actual materials and services that will be used and all the interfaces.

Barrier Diagrams and Risk Register are kept up to date as an integral part of the project at every stage.
Landmark software is used at this stage to complete the Drilling Programme with ECD calculations, Hydraulics and Torque and Drag simulations.


Several Programs have been prepared for clients who needed a well engineering input to their EIA (Enviornmental Impact Assessment) or SIA (Studio di Impatto Ambientale); these programmes are leaner than the Detailed Programs, but still maintaining the same structure as in the overview below, and with still some software input.  Two examples of our SIA drilling programs are in the public domain on the Italian Ministry of Environment website and can therefore be reached at:

- Two 2000m deep S-shaped development wells offshore (jack up) in the Adriatic Sea: 
http://www.va.minambiente.it/File/Documento/199182  from page 1
-  A 1300m vertical exploration land well in the Po’ Valley
http://www.va.minambiente.it/File/Documento/210591   from page 39